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Introducing NRF Transform | Risk Sonar
The secure and cost-effective manner to identify and manage supply chain risk  

NRF Transform | Risk Sonar is a cloud-based solution that brings together powerful analytics, global human rights expertise and user-friendly design to identify and manage supply chain risk.

To request a demo of NRF Transform | Risk Sonar, please complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

The first module of the Risk Sonar focuses on a critical area of reputational risk: human rights impact across global supply chains. We have brought together design thinking and global legal expertise in human rights investigations and litigation on a cyber-secure analytics platform.

The result: more accurate identification and effective management of human rights risk across global supply chains, and better compliance with evolving regulation, including the UK and Australia’s Modern Slavery Acts.

NRF Transform | Risk Sonar provides:

  • Analytics dashboard providing a real-time picture of the supply chain
  • Automated workflow saving up to 80% of admin time
  • Risk ratings based on legal expertise and global data
  • Enhanced compliance and policy reviews, including the Modern Slavery Act for Australia
  • Assistance with supplier investigations and negotiation of contractual terms
  • SAP cloud guarantee of cyber security and 24/7 technical assistance 
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