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Workplace sexual harassment: time to disrupt the system? 
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#MeToo was a defining cultural zeitgeist bringing to the fore sexual harassment in the workplace globally. Fast-forward three years and Australian workplaces still appear to be failing to implement and enforce meaningful policies and processes to prevent or reduce the risk of abuses of power and inappropriate behaviour towards staff, particularly women. 

Recent and widely publicised incidents of workplace sexual harassment have yet again exposed the absolute necessity for a cultural shift within organisations. The profound impact of sexual harassment on both the employees personally, staff wellbeing and safety more broadly, and the organisations' reputation and bottom-line firmly establish the need for change.

In seeking to disrupt the current status quo, our experts will be delivering a content series of podcasts and articles on workplace sexual harassment.

In this podcast, our employment and safety lawyers consider how the traditional approach to the mitigation and management of workplace sexual harassment, relationships and gender inequality needs to be disrupted and tackled through a multifaceted lens.

For the latest updates and insights on workplace sexual harassment please click here to visit our dedicated page.   

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