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How DeFi Works: Smart Contracts, Etherium & the Future
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Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a parallel banking system that has grown massively in the last 18 months and represents a threat to conventional banking system. In our first episode, we discussed “What is DeFi” and in this episode we will discuss how DeFi actually works and the importance of key technologies like smart contracts and etherium.

Our Global Head of Technology & Innovation, Nick Abrahams, talks with Benjamin Celermajer, Director of crypto hedge fund, Magnet Capital to provide an insight into this expanding new area of financial services.

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  • Nick Abrahams, Global Head of Technology & Innovation
  • Benjamin Celermajer, Director of crypto hedge fund, Magnet Capital
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Episode Three: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain – The Australian perspective.
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Global Co-leader, Digital Transformation Practice | Sydney
Director of crypto hedge fund | Magnet Capital