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Get Ready for Tomorrow – Seven Key Trends for 2021
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The speed of change for businesses is frenetic with new competitive threats, changing customer dynamics and workforce challenges. It is up to everyone in the organisation to understand how they can engage with and benefit from the demographic and tech trends affecting their industry and their lives. 

In this presentation audiences will discover what leading global companies are doing in the following areas:
  • The 2020’s is the Decade of Data – it powers every business model 
  • Artificial Intelligence is everywhere & it is time to get on-board
  • The shift to Work from Anywhere means you need to concentrate on the 4 C’s: Culture, Community, Communication & Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity – It is a war and you can win it – but not just with tech
  • Beyond Bitcoin - Why crypto & distributed ledgers will change many industries 
  • Radical Simplicity – Time to go Marie Kondo on your business processes
  • Prophetic Synthetics – From media influencers to food, the world is benefiting from facsimiles of the real thing.

CPD points
This session is valid for 1 CPD point. Please ensure this meets the criteria accreditation within your accreditation jurisdiction.

Global Head of Technology and Innovation; Partner | Sydney