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The COVID-19 Crisis: Tech, Privacy & Risk Issues for the Tertiary Education Sector
Webinar | Available on demand
As a result of COVID-19, millions of Australians have moved to working from home (WFH). We have been working with a number of organisations and we see that, in the rush to ensure the workforce remained productive, a number of key issues have been overlooked. The Tertiary Education sector has been particularly impacted and has some very specific issues. Critically, in education, organisations not only have to mobilise a remote workforce, but manage delivery of learning into remote environments, while navigating a variety of other risks to their business.

This webinar will cover those issues and is relevant for in-house lawyers, risk and compliance managers, HR and IT-security professionals in the Tertiary Education sector. Key take-aways will include:

  • Zoom up your impact – Effective leadership, communication & negotiation strategies using online collaboration tools
  • How to update your policies around WFH, Bring Your Own Device and others
  • Common privacy breaches caused by the large scale move to working from home and what to do in the event of a breach
  • Key tactics being used by hackers against organisations in the new working from home environment
  • When is it okay to use surveillance devices to monitor employees & contractors working remotely
  • A risk analysis framework to help you assess the exposure of your organisation in a remote operating model, and to manage your COVID-19 crisis response
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We hope you can join us and please feel free to on-send this email to anyone you think might be interested to attend.

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